"Reading Became Amazing" New Album by The Haar out on Undergrowth May 23rd 

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"Reading Became Amazing" the new album by The Haar is out on May 23rd 2018 when the band will be playing at Undergrowth at The Greenbank Pub Easton.

"Reading Became Amazing" is a sublime lofi ode to the Reading hometown of songwriters Daniel Potter and Alex Borland.

In Summer 2017 Jet McDonald, of Undergrowth Collective, got chatting to Dan about his upbringing in Reading, as they both watched the sun go down in a cul-de-sac in Bristol. 

"That was probably a bit dull wasn't it," said Jet, growing up in Reading?"

"Actually," said Dan, "there was a time in the mid 90's, when bands like Nirvana were playing at Reading Festival, that Reading became amazing."

"Good album title," said Jet.

But unlike most musicians, Dan didn't just go "uhuh", and wander off down the pub. During one long drizzly weekend, in a lock-keepers cottage in Bristol, he wrote and recorded eleven songs on a four track tape recorder. Then, with friend and band member Alex Borland, he added keyboards, found sounds and beats, in a long boozy night of shed based recording.

To Jet's genuine astonishment "Reading Became Amazing" dropped through his letterbox, burnt onto an old CDR, wrapped in a piece of A4 paper.

And now you can listen to those songs, boxed in an upgraded, but appropriately hand crafted, letterpress printed case, with a surreal comic insert and torn up pieces of an off peak train ticket to Reading. A snapshot of when "Reading Became Amazing."   

The album is in a strictly limited run and you can pre-order it by getting in touch through our contact page. Or come along to the gig in Bristol on the 23rd of May.


Memories - Snails 7" EP Starting with Mine out for Record Store Day Last Year and Still Available on Bandcamp

"Lisa's Riding" A New Song by Andy Skellam

"Lisa's Riding" is a demo from Andy who is putting together new material for his forthcoming album. The song was recorded on a reel to reel tape recorder at his home studio in Bristol and came after a songwriting challenge from Undergrowth's Dan Weltman; to create a tune with a clear refrain, that is, with a repeated line at the end of each verse. Of course "Lisa's Riding" is much more than that, it displays Andy's ability to conjure up worlds as mysterious and intricate as his sinuous guitar playing, while his baritone voice beckons us into Lisa's rainy day.



An English Breeze by Red Deer Sleeping


Check out the trumpets on this song and drift across the clouds with Undergrowth Collectives Red Deer Sleeping.

As Red Deer Sleeping describe it: 

In November we released our ‘Autumn' EP and made some films which were posted the following week to all of you who came to the EP launch. Thanks again for your support. These films are now available for everyone to watch on our Vimeo page here. For those who missed the EP launch we hope you enjoy the films. Here is the first track, ‘An English Breeze’.  

Happy New Year! x o x 


UP with the sun, the breeze arose,
Across the talking corn she goes,
And smooth she rustles far and wide
Through all the voiceful countryside.

Through all the land her tale she tells;
She spins, she tosses, she compels
The kites, the clouds, the windmill sails
And all the trees in all the dales.

(From the poem 'An English Breeze' by Robert Louis Stevenson) 


Red Deer Sleeping EP Launch 20th Dec

Undergrowth records are very proud to be releasing the new Five Track EP "Autumn" by Red Deer Sleeping.  Made with the crystalline vocals and cuatro, baritone ukulele, banjolele, ukulele, trumpet and keyboard of Mog Fry, Simon West on Tenor ukulele and Sarah Moody on Cello.

Songs inspired from classic poetry by Christina Rossetti, Amy Lowell & more, as a celebration of this crisp & golden time of year. 

Hand printed EP Sleeve and Sleeve Notes by Mog Fry



Undergrowth @ Greenbank





Dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free
(and a pint of ale in the other)



With full band Tony will be bringing his
powerful songs of uprising and personal exploration


"The Explorer was recorded in Bristol with friend and producer, Chris Powell and supported by a few other fine local musicians adding voices, strings, woodwind, bass, percussion, moog, vibes, hurdy-gurdy, and musical saw."


Folk Duo from Deal with a strong line
in songwriting and intricate guitarwork


"Made up of members of the band Cocos Lovers. They’ve been haunting the drinking holes of deal, honing their sound besides roaring fires, pints of ale and intrigued locals"

Plus Great Pizza and Beers from downstairs

And it's all FREE!

Top poster this month by Dan Bendel



Red Deer Sleeping

We are very very proud to welcome red deer sleeping to the Undergrowth Collective.

They will be releasing their new seasonal EP "Autumn" on Undergrowth on the 16th November

Look here for details on the launch: http://www.reddeersleeping.co.uk/red-deer-sleeping

more details on the EP soon...


Undergrowth collective's Snails


will be playing at Bristol's Cube in January unveiling songs from their forthcoming second album with Edward Penfold Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks

"Eerie, beautiful, modestly majestic."

Stephen Pastel

more details on the gig here...


Safe in Silence




Undergrowth collective's Dan Weltman is a stunning songwriter and his band Snails showcase his and their talents on the first Snails album "Safe in Silence"

Available for the first time on Feral Child Recordings as a limited edition vinyl.

You can buy it here


Don't just take our word for it:


"Succulently wrapped in a classically toned pop vintage that cools with a deceptively soft stroke of 60’s psych pop bubble grooves. Its not brash, its far from wannabe and neither is it immediate like a rash. Instead ‘Safe in Silence’ is coolly assured, it doesn’t see the point in shouting and rudely vying for your attention, rather more it hangs about quietly at the back of the queue shyly hoping to catch your ear, and when it does, between you and me, lets just say that this might well be making a bid for one of the albums of the year. A very special album indeed."

The Sunday Experience

In main songwriter Dan Weltman’s words:


“I wrote the songs for the album in a careful and considered way, but for the recording we went into the studio and put them all down very quickly. That contrast suited the band and myself very well, leaving space for playfulness and making quick and reckless decisions on the spot. I sipped whiskey, the other members mainly drank herbal teas. I wanted a lush and expansive sound for some of the tracks, and writing the orchestrations was a great excuse not just to pretend that I was working on Pet Sounds, but to call up friends from various other Bristol bands to help in the studio on terrible rates of pay.

The songs themselves were approached like a series of short stories. I stole equally from my friends' lives and my own, in a kind of desperate attempt to elevate our experiences above the mundane. But from those starting points, an internal narrative of its own would inevitably emerge and take an unexpected turn. And while writing them, I’m unashamedly trying to manipulate my audience’s emotions to reflect mine, to make them cry with joy or regret, or remember falling in love. Recurring themes appeared – of loneliness, disappointment and misplaced love, but then with a nice melody underneath none of it seems quite so bad.”




Solsitce Celebrations

Wed 21st Dec 2016

Undergrowth with The Nightjar and Red Deer Sleeping

Celebrate the Solstice with the mostest at Undergrowth.
Keeping the home fires burning through the longest night


intricate folk spells.

"The Nightjar use close-harmonies, tight-interlocking guitars, deep bass and an intense lead vocal to paint fragile, haunting landscapes."

“Gorgeous” Mara Carlyle – The Late Junction, BBC Radio 3


a voice of wild purity

as clear honest and true as a haiku




With great pizza and ales from downstairs.

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Sproatly Smith and Jo Lepine

Wed 16th November 2016

Don't just get with it
Get wayward


Eight piece psychedelic folk band from Hereford.
and leading lights of the "Weirdshire" movement.

Great interview here with Ian of the band:




Pure voiced singer and ex member of left field folk pioneers
"Owl Service."


And it's all Free! 

With great ales and pizzas from downstairs.

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