"Reading Became Amazing" New Album by The Haar out on Undergrowth May 23rd 

Reading Became Amazing JPG 3.jpg

"Reading Became Amazing" the new album by The Haar is out on May 23rd 2018 when the band will be playing at Undergrowth at The Greenbank Pub Easton.

"Reading Became Amazing" is a sublime lofi ode to the Reading hometown of songwriters Daniel Potter and Alex Borland.

In Summer 2017 Jet McDonald, of Undergrowth Collective, got chatting to Dan about his upbringing in Reading, as they both watched the sun go down in a cul-de-sac in Bristol. 

"That was probably a bit dull wasn't it," said Jet, growing up in Reading?"

"Actually," said Dan, "there was a time in the mid 90's, when bands like Nirvana were playing at Reading Festival, that Reading became amazing."

"Good album title," said Jet.

But unlike most musicians, Dan didn't just go "uhuh", and wander off down the pub. During one long drizzly weekend, in a lock-keepers cottage in Bristol, he wrote and recorded eleven songs on a four track tape recorder. Then, with friend and band member Alex Borland, he added keyboards, found sounds and beats, in a long boozy night of shed based recording.

To Jet's genuine astonishment "Reading Became Amazing" dropped through his letterbox, burnt onto an old CDR, wrapped in a piece of A4 paper.

And now you can listen to those songs, boxed in an upgraded, but appropriately hand crafted, letterpress printed case, with a surreal comic insert and torn up pieces of an off peak train ticket to Reading. A snapshot of when "Reading Became Amazing."   

The album is in a strictly limited run and you can pre-order it by getting in touch through our contact page. Or come along to the gig in Bristol on the 23rd of May.