Open Hearts & Joyous Leaves

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Thank you to all the elders who shelter and nurture new growth. And again to the wonderful Amy Lowell for her inspirational poetry.

Enjoy this short film (2mins) of beech trees and golden leaves. 

Beech Tree


You are like the stem

Of a young beech-tree,

Straight and swaying,

Breaking out in golden leaves.

Your walk is like the blowing of a beech-tree

On a hill.

Your voice is like leaves

Softly struck upon by a South wind.

Your shadow is no shadow, but a scattered sunshine;

And at night you pull the sky down to you

And hood yourself in stars.


From the poem ‘Generations’ by Amy Lowell. First published 1919 in Pictures of the Floating World.

"Amy Lawrence Lowell (1874 – 1925) was an American poet of the imagist school from Brookline, Massachusetts.” Wikipedia