Red Deer Sleeping



Red Deer Sleeping (Mog Fry & Simon West) play elemental nature inspired songs on ukulele and cuatro, based on poems by the imagist poets of the early 20th Century - including Amy Lowell, D H Lawrence, T.E. Hulme and Victorian & Romantic poets. Mog Fry (also of The Wraiths with Spiro's Jon Hunt) has a voice of rare purity and clarity that brings an understated power and magic to her songs.

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EP ‘Autumn’

Songs inspired from classic poetry by Christina Rossetti, Amy Lowell & more, as a celebration of this crisp & golden time of year. 

Mog Fry
Vocals, cuatro, baritone ukulele, banjolele, ukulele, 
trumpet and keyboard. 

Simon West
Tenor ukulele on S.O.P.G and Flint. 

Sarah Moody
Cello on S.O.P.G and An English Breeze. 

All music sung, written and recorded by red deer sleeping. 

Released on The Undergrowth label.